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The Pests - "I Admit It" 60 Grit A BlankTV Feature!

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The Pests - "I Admit It"

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Artist Bio:

The Pests bio: Hailing from one of the world's most fascinating cities, a unique melting pot of culture and music The Pests are one of New Orleans longest running and most popular post-punk bands. The band recently paid homage to their punk roots with the early 2014 released 7" single Disturbance in the Gulf featuring the songs "Pissed and Menacing" and "Kill Her Some More" from their upcoming self-produced new album A Damn Fine Mixture, currently being mastered by Scott Hull {Rage Against the Machine, Beastie Boys) at Masterdisk and due out this November on the bands own 60 Grit label.

The Pests are Steve Halprin -vocals/guitar, Chuck Diesel - bass/vocals, and Mazz-1 on drums. Using humor to tackle some real issues in their songs the band at times might be misunderstood, but listen closely because they have something to say.

With their first album Simplified their hardcore fans latched on to the rougher songs like "Life is Sweet," the title track, "Simplified" and over-the-top aggressive "G.A.G.", a testament to the seemingly self-destructive devotion necessary for life on the road. The album wasn't without controversy, however. The song "Nazi Trot" was often misconstrued, but if the lyrics were ever noted, the vehemently anti-Nazi stance would be obvious. Despite the hardcore lean on some tracks, the one that stood out was the infectious anthem "I Hate My Girlfriend." Oddly, the success it brought them with local radio play and television appearance would also lead to unexpected set-backs.

As the buzz on this DIY band grew in came the offers from record labels and industry insiders who made offers, demanded changes and ultimately made more than their fair share of broken promises. The band was re-named, a new album was rushed and industry executives tried to claim credits for songs that he had absolutely no part in writing. Chuck was so soured over the events that he temporary quit, thinking he was ready to give up music forever.

In keeping with the philosophies expounded in their song G.A.G., Steve and Mazz-1 had no choice. They decided to keep going, but without Chuck. They recorded only one album and called it Up For Anything. It was done completely DIY in Mazz-1's garage, and despite the raw and seemingly sub-standard quality, it spawned the contagious song "I've Got a Feeling" which began to get a lot of play on local radio and lead to sold-out club dates.

Having a new found motivation, Chuck re-joined and began work on "We Reserve the Right to be Impolite", a definite look back on the harder sound that crowds had become Accustomed to years earlier. "Rockabilly is Ruining my Life" was released in 2012 on 7" vinyl and once again the band saw heavy rotation on commercial and college radio.

Now back to their DIY roots and original line-up the band is back, road ready and revitalized. They have garnered a large and very devoted following in their hometown and now they are poised to make their mark on the rest of the world.

About The Video: "We've all done things in life that shouldn't be talked about, but at some point we have to come clean. We usually don't learn from our lessons and we will definitely do it again, and unfortunately we like doing it." says The Pests about the song and video. Director Name: Eric Lacour

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