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The Story Changes - "Tidal Wave"

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The Story Changes - "Tidal Wave"

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"We shot "Tidal Wave" during an early evening at one of the indoor locations at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania. Growing up skateboarding, it was really inspiring to hang out at the camp and see all the various skate parks and action sport locations before performing and filming the show that night. We decided on taking a straight-forward approach this time around and have the video focus on us performing the song in a live setting.

There's no crazy CGI'd bells and whistles, haha, just a rock band doing what rock bands do best. Novel idea, right? I've always loved the energy that the two of us have playing off of each other live and I think focusing on that worked really well with the song. It was a lot of fun to film with all the campers helping out on set and made for a night I'll never forget.

This song is off of our newest release 'This Is Your Moment' EP available through all digital music retailers and on vinyl 7" through I Am Shark."

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