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Auburn - "I'm Over The Ups and Downs"

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Auburn - "I'm Over The Ups and Downs"

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"'I'm Over the Ups and Downs' was an easy choice for the first video off of Parallels because it showcases almost all aspects of the composition that reoccur in the entire album," explains Auburn frontman Brian Colantonio. "Personally, I like how the chorus is both lyrically and melodically uplifting while still maintaining how 'heavy' the song actually is."

"The filming of this video was a lot of fun. We were fortunate to work with our close friend Robert Nordberg, who is not only very talented, but he really helped bring out how we take our music very seriously while not taking *ourselves* seriously at all. Thinking back I'm not sure who came up with the concept...I believe it was a group effort...excluding myself," laughs Colantonio.

"We were going for the 'Thriller' of our time so make sure to check it out and let us know your thoughts on the surprise ending! As always, thanks to our existing fans for your continued support - we'll see you on the road!"

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